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Getting Started with Dragon

Dragon's Mission / Our Promises to You

Dragon will help you finish your LabVIEW projects faster!

  • Dragon helps you quickly open your project in the right version of LabVIEW and will all your packages installed.
  • Dragon stays out of your way, to the greatest extent possible, so you can quickly get your LabVIEW project work done.

Launching Dragon

1) Launch Dragon from the Windows Desktop or Start Menu shortcuts

2) Open a LabVIEW Project with Dragon


3) Note that the Dragon welcome/home window minimizes to your Windows Taskbar


"Open with Dragon" from Windows File Explorer

1) Dragon let's you easily open LabVIEW projects from Windows File Explorer.


2) Enable the Windows File Explorer extensions in the Dragon Settings, as shown below:


3) You can now right-click or double-click LabVIEW projects to Open with Dragon directly (and not go through the Dragon Welcome/Home window)

Next Steps

See the Features page for more details on all of Dragon's features.