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Release Notes

2024.3 (2024 Q3)

Status: Release

  • LabVIEW 2024 Q3 integration
  • Linux support improvements
  • Improvements to finding NIPM package dependencies


2024.2 (2024 Q2)

  • Fix: Using Dragon was causing NIPM to generate many log files in the C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Local\National Instruments\NI Package Manager\Logs\NIPkgLogs folder. In some cases this could result in GBs of log data, since the logs are text files and log all API calls to NIPM. Dragon resolved this by removing (only those) log files generated by Dragon.

2024.1 (2024 Q1)

Notable Improvements and Changes

  • Support for NIPM Packages and Package Feeds
  • NIPM package feeds are stored in project's .dragon file
  • NIPM package feeds are registered when installing NIPM packages
  • Performance and Stability Improvements
  • Speed up of scanning for package dependencies
  • Stability of LabVIEW Project Explorer integration
  • New Package Information dialog
  • Shows package icon and description
  • Shows link to open homepage in browser
  • Allows opening the package's functions palette with the Show in Palettes button
  • New Find Callers of Package dialog
  • Shows list of VIs calling packages
  • Allows opening calling VIs and highlighing calls to package VIs

Known Issues:

  • Package Information dialog doesn't always show package information if it's not already cached by VIPM/NIPM

2024.1.2.649 (preview)

  • Fix: Dragon's calls to NI Package Manager were creating log files in the C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Local\National Instruments\NI Package Manager\Logs\NIPkgLogs folder, which were building up. By default, NIPM logs all calls. This was consuming a lot of disk space in some instances. NI has been informed of this issue.

2024.1.1.645 (stable)

  • Release build

2024.1.1.641 (preview)

  • New: Access to Dragon help page via the package UI, Dragon Welcome Window, and project intergration provider
  • New: Ctrl+O shortcut added for opening a LabVIEW or Dragon project from the Dragon Welcome Window
  • New: Enhanced details about the actions required for NIPM Packages
  • Fix: Open with Dragon (Windows right-click option to open a LabVIEW project with Dragon) now works when the Dragon Welcome Window is running
  • Fix: Performance improvement made to refreshing Windows registry
  • Fix: gitignore file for dragon meta data for all project developers. Previously only the original author had their dragon meta data ignored
  • Fix: Filtering abort event for packages UI
  • Fix: Multiple user interface enhancements


  • New: NIPM feed automatic registration improvements when installing NI Package dependencies.
  • New: Performance improvements when scanning for project dependencies
  • New: When NIPM package dependencies are found, recommended packages that suppliment the current LabVIEW version are also included. This helps ensure that ni-daqmx-labview-support is added in addition to ni-daqmx, so that the DAQmx palette VIs get installed too!
  • Fix: When editing a Library or Class in its own window (i.e. outside of an .lvproj but in a project explorer window) errors could occur when right-clicking on the Library's items in the tree.
  • Fix: Installer now waits on all post-install actions (registry updater, etc.) -- this fixes an issue where sometimes Dragon Desktop's version information and add/remove programs info was not being written to the registry if NI Package Manager suggests a reboot and the user confirms it before the post-install actions have completed.
  • Fix: Find Callers dialog will use the package VI's Window Title instead of File Name, so that is uses the same name the user sees in the palettes and context help.
  • Fix: Installing VIPM packages could show an error that NIPM feeds cannot be registered.
  • Fix: Resolved issues that could occur when both 64-bit and 32-bit LabVIEW are installed
  • Fix: Errors could occur reading .dragon file in 32-bit LabVIEW if it has NIPM package dependencies (due to TOML reading of inline subtables)
  • Fix: Cosmetic and functional improvements to the right-click menu in the "Find Callers of Package" results dialog.


  • New: Find Callers of Package right-click option and dialog
  • New: NIPM package feeds are now stored in project's .dragon file and registered when installing NIPM packages


  • Fix: Tip strip for Show in Palettes... button on Package Info Dialog
  • Fix: Scan project improvements for find dependencies on VIPM packages
  • Fix: Opening project from Dragon Welcome/Home Window
  • Fix: Installer could hang NIPM if installing dragon desktop as sub-install part of a larger installation (due to calls to nipkg.exe in registry updater)
  • New: Package Info Dialog (beta feature) when double-clicking packages in the LV Project package dependencies tree (if that feature is enabled)
  • Fix: Dragon Welcome window should restore if the Dragon button on the LV Project Toolbar is pressed
  • Fix: NIPM dependency scanning improvements if installed package is newer than any known to NI's package dependencies local registry
  • New: Cache package names and version for drop-down selectors in the New/Edit required package dependency version dialog (no longer need to refresh as often)
  • Fix: Project Provider improvements to responsiveness and also avoids intermittent hang of LabVIEW during mass compile of various VIs due to "Root Loop" issues in LabVIEW.
  • Fix: Automatically close the Packages UI if the LabVIEW Project is closed or LabVIEW is exited
  • Fix: Improved scan for package dependencies with newer packages that user LVAddons
  • New: Initial (behind the scenes) support for Dragon Desktop on Linux